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Do you love Christ?  Do you have a heart for kids?  You have what it takes to be a Young Life Leader!
For thousands of college students and adults across the country who have taken a step of faith into Young Life leadership, life has gained a level of richness never thought to exist.  As a Young Life leader you are blessed and challenged to live as Christ did.  He came into our turf to love us where we lived, and we as Young Life leaders go on the kid's turf and love them where they live.  We are found on school campuses, football games, fast food restaurants, really anywhere where kids are at.  As Jesus came to us, we go to them, with the goal of loving them unconditionally and earning the right to someday introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ.  This is radical!

The College Student

​The WyldLife Parent
​The Young Professional
Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. They're moms and dads, college students and working professionals, retirees and other compassionate adults who want God's best for kids. The diversity of our volunteers helps us make an eternal difference with all kinds of kids in all kinds of places.
When you're a leader, you're also joining a community of dynamic staff, leaders and committee. It's not uncommon for leaders to say that they get more out of being a leader than what they give. Volunteer leaders are given the opportunity to firsthand see God at work.  They get to play an active role in God bringing a young person literally from death to life.  If that is not motivation enough, Young Life volunteer leaders have the blessing of working on a team of fun, energetic, like-minded individuals, which naturally leads to countless fellowship and friendship opportunities.  Volunteering with Young Life also provides you the training and skills that will pay dividends for the rest of your life both professionally and socially.  Young Life certainly does cost a portion of your time, energy, prayer and life, but what it gives in return is so much more!

What to expect as a Young Life leader...
- To be equipped, trained, and developed by the Area Staff
- To be a part of a community that loves kids and loves Christ
- To be loved and cared for by staff and the committee
- To be blessed as you pour your life into kids
- To grow in your relationship with Jesus

If you are interested and want more information on what it would look like to be a Young Life leader contact:
Jeremy VanHaitsma
North Springs | Monument Young Life Area Director
(719) 650-9225

Young Life North Springs/Monument | PO Box 854 Monument, CO 80132-0854

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